Buy me bread

If someone in your family has a sweet tooth, definitely suggest her/him to try “Buy me” bread.

First of all, it is an extremely fluffy product melting in the mouth. The benefit of this bread will be described the best by senses, when you taste it with your favourite jam or curd cream. Do you want a special dessert? Toast a slice of this bread in the oven, put chocolate cream on it and berries. Serve it, while it is still warm and you’ll hear only joyful lip-smacking.

“Buy me” bread has a sweetish taste and fits for special mini sandwiches. It is a small bread for which a little bit of sugar gives a special taste. The energetic value of bread is high; it will be liked by the whole family. The main ingredients of the bread are wheat flour, water, yeast, sugar, powdered milk, rape-oil and a little bit of salt.