Respect for bread – both dark and white – one of the old Lithuanian cultural features. Since the oldest times, bread was considered a saint and it was forbidden to throw away even a crumb of it. In Lithuania bread was eaten since the first centuries after Christ; it was the main dish since the times when agriculture had started. In those times people who worked in the area of agriculture just dreamed about white flour products and these were very special, festive products. Probably from those times the tradition to prepare bread crumbs have arisen. As the bread was earned by very hard work, it was much cherished, therefore, people seek to use every slice of it and bread crumbs with raisins were considered a delicacy.

Today the process of how to get delicious bread crumbs is way easier. Everyone can buy it at the bakery, where they are made with love and devotion. By understanding the needs of people 25 years ago we founded a bread bakery in the picturesque surroundings of Sartai Regional Park. UAB “Lašų duona” makes bread and pie products that meet only the highest quality standards. Bread crumbs are no exception: bread with raisins is specially baked for them. Freshly baked bread is cut into slices and then dried. These delicious bread crumbs are liked by our customers who say that the biggest benefit and good taste of them is revealed when you dip them into tea or milk.

Our prepared bread crumbs with raisins are especially delicious and crispy and the taste is even more improved by sweet raisins.

The energetic value of bread crumbs – 335 kcal per 100 g.

The price of bread crumbs is not high, therefore, we invite you to enjoy them today.