What are ring-shaped rolls? Usually, they are products made of wheat flour and yeast; they are crooked into a round shape and in the middle, a hole is left. Such confectionery item with a hole bake faster; their transportation is convenient because they just have to be strung on somewhere. Big ring-shaped rolls are popular in the USA, Canada, and Great Britain especially in cities, where a lot of Jews live.

Soft and fluffy ring-shaped rolls immediately reminds various fairs, cities’ festivals, folk art craftsmen meetings. It is an amazing product that can be brought as a fine gift when you go out to visit someone because ring-shaped rolls can be pulled through a ribbon and delicious and beautiful beads can be made of them. The price of ring-shaped rolls is usually not high, therefore, you can provide every member of the family with them.

UAB “Lašų duona” has long-term traditions of preparing the yeasty dough, therefore, their ring-shaped rolls are delicious and fluffy. You can choose from three fine types which will satisfy everyone’s taste. We added few ideas to the description about when certain ring-shaped rolls should be eaten.

Scalded ring-shaped rolls with additives. They are soft, fluffy, a beautiful round shape and prepacked into bags. They perfectly fit for lunch.

Ring-shaped rolls with poppies are also very fluffy and delicious. They will be liked by those who adore classic: on top of the ring-shaped roll, a little butter and jam are added. Scalded ring-shaped rolls with sesame seeds – very soft rolls that fit for breakfasts. Serve them with softly cooked egg and avocado; you’ll feel like you’re eating breakfasts at a luxurious hotel.

The price of ring-shaped rolls usually depends not on the quantity of ingredients but on the process of making them. The dough has to be very good raised, precooked or sprinkled in steams that ring-shaped rolls would be fluffy. At “Lašų duona” bakery in every stage of production, a person is included as well, therefore, you can be sure that on your table will be only quality products made with love and the price of confectionery items will match their quality.