Since the old times, Lithuanians liked to have a beer and various light snacks on their table during holidays. No matter what occasion (weddings, christening or birthdays) but tables were full of jars with beer and trays with fried bread.

Parched bread is one of the favourite cold snacks with beer in Lithuania. Therefore, UAB “Lašų duona” suggests its customers to enjoy this great snack as well; it will amaze you by crispiness and a nice flavour. It gives a lot of energy and perfectly fits for parties.

As bread in Lithuania is also very liked since the old times, it is no surprise that snacks of parched bread are very common in the culture of Lithuanian bars. Almost no Lithuanian can resist to the flavour of fried bread with garlic. Our bakery “Lašų duona” snacks with beer are crispy, have a special flavour and seasoned only with natural garlic. They are a great choice for picnics, parties and holidays - when you want to save time and spend no time in a kitchen. Due to the price fried bread is affordable to everyone because these delicious snacks with beer are made of our baked natural bread. In “Lašų duona” bakery baked bread is made of wheat grown by us, therefore, naturalness and a perfect taste are guaranteed.

Fried bread is fried using a special technology; it has an exceptional form of sticks. From it you can make a great snack with beer, it doesn’t matter what it is: fried bread with garlic, cheese or crusty bread with spread. Serve it and enjoy it! In our bakery “Lašų duona” fried snacks perfectly fit with all flavourings. The price of such snacks is not high and the taste is amazing. If you look for unusual tastes, you have to taste fried bread snacks with sour cream and onions taste as well as fried bread with hemp.