Miestiečių bread

Coming by to the bread department at shops or bakeries, we see a variety of loaves of bread. “Miestiečių” bread is one of the most popular due to its regular, soft taste and fluffiness. The price of loaves of bread varies depending on ingredients, the weight of a product.

UAB “Lašų duona” bakes only the highest quality loaves of bread because the company itself grows and grinds wheat, therefore, you can be sure that on your table will be only the best products.

Bread calories are easily absorbed; it is a product that quickly provides you energy.

“Miestiečių” bread perfectly fits with your favourite flavourings; also it is delicious - when you toasted it. Spread peanut butter on a slice and on top put slices of banana and you have a healthy dessert.

It is important to mention that our baked breads are without preservatives, therefore, you’ll serve only the highest quality products for your family.

Composition / Energetic value

Ingredients: wheat flour, drinking water, vegetable rape oil, powdered fat-free milk, sugar, iodized salt, yeast.

Energetic value 100 g 1189 kJ / 278 kcal
Fat 6,31 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0,52 g
Carbohydrates 47,70 g
of which sugars 3,17 g
Fibre 1,94 g
Proteins 7,61 g
Salt 0,38 g