In Lithuania, we can enjoy not only dark but also white bread (do not mix it with white flour bread and pie production). Since the old times, it was considered that white bread is usually eaten by richer and more educated people. Such bread is usually fluffier and softer. Today there are various opinions about white bread, however, you should know that bread has been eaten for more than one century in Lithuania, therefore, it is an acceptable product for our organism. The nutritional value of white bread is usually similar to the nutritional value of a dark one.

Firstly, the absorption of this product is quick; it gives a lot of energy which is needed in order to do the works of the day. Light colour bread is also can be distinguished by enriched additives (seeds, seasoning, bran and other additives). Furthermore, usually light bread is more liked by children and it can be one more dish which will not be sweet for them. Light colour bread can be a regular and scalded. UAB “Lašų duona” bakes more than one type of light bread, therefore, everyone will find their favourite one. All our bread products are fresh, flavourful and meet the highest standards of quality.

This light bread is unique due to its colour and the amount of wheat flour in the composition. In the composition of white bread, there will be white rye grist as well. Our baked bread is without preservatives, only natural ferment is used, therefore, you can be sure that on your table will be only quality and delicious bread which contains old people wisdom about bread baking and the warmth of many hands.

The energetic value of light bread varies from 220 to 390 kcal per 100 g. White bread kcal differs because of used additives in it: various seeds increase the energetic value. However, there is no need to worry because they are good fats which often lack for our organism. The price of white bread depends on its type and the size of pre-packing.