UAB “Lašų duona” made notably various festive products. We glad that we can offer our wide assortment of products all year round. The company employees constantly participate in worldwide food product exhibitions, interest in new technologies of production, and their adaptation at the bakery. Constantly returning customers is proof that our products are delicious. This is also especially noticed during the holiday season when the demand for products is more increased, therefore, we have to make them much more. The most important sweet items and products are mentioned below.

  • Kūčiukai. Small and crispy, sweetish taste, seasoned with poppies. They are a real blessing with a cup of milk.
  • Festive bread. We bake especially beautifully decorated loaves of 3 kilograms’ weight. It is brown bread prepared using only natural ingredients. The process of our production is a semi-automated: in every stage of the process not only machines are used, but human hands “touch” bread as well. Using such a “discontinuous” technological process, it is possible to follow the process of making bread and guarantee quality by not using special chemical additives which usually have to be used in a fully automated technological process at large bakeries. Therefore, our bread is especially fluffy and flavourful, made with love and care.
  • Italian festive pie “Panettone” with raisins or cranberries. It is a fluffy yeasty pie which is enjoyed by Italians during Christmas. Cranberries and raisins symbolize fortune, happiness and abundance, therefore, the pie wishing happiness and abundance had a place in Lithuania too.
  • Christmas trees.
  • Lithuanian šakotis. Without it, weddings or anniversaries are not imagined. We bake these festive products of various sizes.

We are proud that the activity of “Lašų duona” bakery is exceptional because we grow crop by ourselves, later from them we bake the most amazing bread and pie products. We take care of those delicious products for holidays: start from crop sowing, flour grinding to getting on your table.

The price of festive bread, šakočiai and pies very vary. Usually, it depends on the size. Always ask at our shops and you’ll be answered.