Establishing a company or business every businessman seeks the best for the final consumer and looks for a reliable partner. Bread is an extremely important everyday product in the world of business. It is needed for the owners and managers of restaurants, cafes, and hotels; it is served for foreign countries customers at local shops. So if you are an owner of a restaurant or a shop, an exporter or international business developer, probably you are interested in the question related to frozen bread. It is a great choice because freshly baked bread is frozen in the so-called “shocking” freezing camera. In such a way notably, fast-frozen bread preserves its properties. After defrosting it stays delicious and flavourful as it was like it would be freshly baked. Dark bread, white bread and brown bread of various types can be frozen. Frozen bread products are popular not only in Lithuanian because it is a convenient product of the highest quality. That is because bread is frozen fast and at low temperatures. At a temperature of minus 40°C bread is frozen within 3–4 hours; after that, it is kept or transported at a temperature of minus 18°C. If you use not frozen bread, such conditions of transportation and freshness will be not fulfilled.

If you have any questions about how to defrost frozen bread, continue to read. It is recommended to defrost the bread at room temperature within 4–5 hours before eating. In such a way the bread will be the highest quality. After defrost it should be eaten within 5 days.

We successfully export frozen bread and pie products into America, Australia, Iceland and countries of the European Union; so if you consider about the opening of a new market, want to become a supplier of exceptional, quality Lithuanian bread, contact us and we’ll discuss all the questions that you have. UAB “Lašų duona” is ready to submit a best offer for collaboration, excellent conditions and, of course, always flawless quality frozen bread products that will impress all your customers and clients. The price of frozen bread will depend on the quantity and types of ordered products.