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Dark bread is well-liked and appreciated by Lithuanians’ nation since long ago. Its smell and taste remind of the warmest memories, home cosiness and childhood.


We bake many types of white flour bread, therefore, you’ll be able to choose it not only for family breakfasts or supper but also for festive mini sandwiches or sweet appetizers.


There is such a wide assortment of buns that any customer will be able to choose the product he/she wants for holidays or in case of sweetening life and all calories of buns will be worth it due to a perfect taste.

And break a slice of dark rye bread loaf

Put salt on it – you’ll be a guest!

(A. Žukauskas)

The bread bakery “Lašų duona” located in the surroundings of Sartai Regional park has performed its activity since 1994. It’s an exceptional bread bakery where not only bread is baked but also new baked products are made. The company uses its own-grown wheat, rye, grinds flour it owns, therefore, all-natural products are selected with love and care. When eating you’ll feel a special taste of all products because the highest requirements are raised for quality.

Bread baking in this bread bakery has deep traditions typical to Lithuanian bread. Natural ferment, the best ingredients and proper time guarantee that bread products will be the most delicious and meet the high standards of a modern customer. In production no preservatives are used, therefore, both dark and white bread is naturally delicious and fluffy. So if you don’t like to bake bread during your free time, be sure that “Lašų duona” baked products will meet the highest quality while bread products will be a delight for the eyes during festivals and every day.

At the bakery modern equipment is used. It allows to assure dark bread, pies, white bread, and other baked products quality and unchanged and favorite taste. Natural products are used for all baked products, therefore, not only bread products but also ring-shaped rolls, buns, pies, and šakočiai will preserve their true, traditional taste.

When you ask Lithuanians living abroad what they miss the most, they tell you that Lithuanian bread brings nostalgia for home. Homemade bread which consists of such true, natural ingredients as grist, ferment and rye flour bring back memories from childhood when a bakery was a little paradise in the earth because mom or dad used to let to take a bite of some freshly baked bread or eat a bun.

“Lašų duona” bakery cares about its customers, takes into account suggestions and constantly introduces such new products as chocolate pie “brownie”, everyone’s favorite hamburger buns, Italian pie “Pannetone” and others. If you like sandwiches with dark bread, you’ll find more than one type of this bread. Sweeter, sourer as well as with sunflowers seeds or seeds. If you have a weak spot for white flour bread, you’ll find your favorite one as “Gintarinis”, “Miestiečių” bread. Buckwheat bread is for people who look for new and healthy tastes. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll find various buns, šakočiai, biscuits, skruzdėlynas with poppy seeds, žagarėliai and pies at the bakery. During festivals, you’ll be able to buy special kūčiukai and festive bread.

The bread bakery cares about environmental protection, safe work conditions for the employees; it assures high quality of products and services and relationships based on transparency and trust are the fundamental values that guarantee successful activity of the company. Therefore, buying the products you support an honest business that takes care of both employees and customers.


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