Bočių bread

We all know that bread is the inheritance of the Lithuanian nation. Bread baking was an important and honourable duty for every housewife since the most ancient times and a wonderful and an attractive flavour of bread gathered all family at the table.

Now bread still takes a very important place in the nutrition of a human. Every day we eat even a few hundred grams of this delicacy since it is one of the most important food products satisfying the majority needs of the organism in order to get energy. And the benefit of dark bread is particularly huge since it is a source of energy, vitamins, and fibre.

There are baked the most delicious bread products meeting the highest quality in our bakery “Lašų duona” located in the surroundings of Sartai Regional Park. Bočių bread is one of the most popular products. It is a traditional, Lithuanian bread product of natural ingredients; it will satisfy the needs of every Lithuanian. This dark bread is classical, has an intense taste; it is sweet-and-sour and seasoned with grist which gives a nice flavour and taste. Bočių bread is dark bread without preservatives, therefore, bread taste remains notably natural and texture is fluffy. It is natural ferment bread which will give you a lot of energy, nutritional fibre as well as allow you to feel great all day long. Caraway seeds give this bread a perfect taste and flavour. If you work much and hard or go in for sports, then Bočių bread can be a perfect source of your energy. Due to quickly absorbed carbohydrates and nutritional fibre, you will be energetic and full, however, your digestive system will not be loaded.

The price of dark bread depends on the size of pre-packing.

Composition / Energetic value

The main ingredients of dark bread are the following: rye and wheat flour, therefore, this bread contains more fibre and energetic value of dark bread remains notably high: there are 243 kcal and only 2.27 g of sugar per 100 g of dark bread, thus we can safely say that Bočių bread baked by us is not only particularly delicious but also healthy!

Ingredients: rye flour, wheat flour, drinking water, rye grist, sugar, iodized salt, yeast, caraway seeds.

Energetic value 100 g 1030 kJ / 243 kcal
Fat 1,03 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0,13 g
Carbohydrates 51,23 g
of which sugars 2,27 g
Fibre 7,29 g
Proteins 7,10 g
Salt 0,322 g