In ancient Mesopotamia and India confectionery items was sacrificed to gods. Dried fruits, honey was the main source of sweetness. Sugar to Europe was brought during the Middle Ages; it caused a revolution and allowed to develop a new food industry branch – confectionery. From that time, it is common to end every festival, celebratory lunch or a party with a dessert. Therefore, confectionery items and desserts took off and we even cannot think that it can be otherwise.

UAB “Lašų duona” bakes not only bread, but also confectionery items. The company constantly participates in worldwide food product exhibitions, interests in new production technologies, and their adaptation at the bakery. Customers also travel around the world, learn about new pastries, make inquiries. Therefore, step by step eating traditions are changing as well. The company seeking not to be behind from the tendencies of delicious confectionery items, constantly carries out researches of the market, looks for a direct relationship with customers, closely collaborates with salesmen. It determines the supply of sweet confectionery: every year for the market dozens new bakeries are served. These are various biscuits, cupcakes, pies, festive products. Kaimiški biscuits are the most popular of biscuits and among cupcakes, those with raisins distinguish due to the taste. They are perfectly fit for sweetening an afternoon, when with coffee or tea you want something small and sweet. “Lašų duona” offers two the most famous pies in the whole world: American style pie “Brownie” and Italian pie “Pannetone”. Of course, traditional Lithuanian desserts are not forgotten: the king of all holidays – šakotis and traditional skruzdėlynas liked by everyone as well as friable and crispy žagarėliai. Their taste won’t disappoint you.

The price of confectionery item is very different; it depends on the product itself, its quantity and complexity of production. By buying “Lašų duona” products you’ll be sure that the bakery has taken care of their quality: from sowing to cooling. The company is one of the few which grows and grinds its grain. In most of the stages, a person is also included; his/ her love for work and experience allow offering the best quality products for customers.