Jews in Lithuania also called as Litvaks probably brought braids baking into Lithuanians’ cuisine. Challah is specially baked bread for Shabbat and other Jews’ holidays. Three rope-shaped pieces have their symbols: the first one is true, the second one is peace and the third one is justice. Poppies or sesame seeds on top of a braid symbolizes Heaven’s Mana. Rope-shaped pieces can be more, and then they remind entwined hands, therefore, they can symbolize love as well. Respecting the traditions UAB “Lašų duona” offers even two different types of pies braids.

Vanilla braid pie. It reminds the traditional challah the most. Such baked braid is soft and fluffy and tastes great. You can enjoy it alone, break piece by piece as it is acceptable according to Jewish tradition or cut. Flavour it with soft butter, jam, curd cream or home-made cheese curd and you’ll feel a taste of childhood, where you for sure ate these delicious yeasty confectionery items. The price of a braid is affordable for everyone.

A pie with poppies – a fluffy product which form is similar to sun; poppies are hidden through the layers. It is quite a festive product which can be served for guests, taken to a picnic in nature. It is easily broken in pieces, therefore, you won’t need a knife. It is very delicious but if you want, you can cover it in butter or melted caramel, and then this pie will be a special dessert. The price of the pie is not so high in comparison with its weight. Try it today!


UAB “Lašų duona” bakes not only braids but also fluffy and delicious pies. Those who preserve traditions especially like curd pie and those who follow fashion cannot resist a piece of cocoa pie “Brownie”. These delicious pies are baked by following traditions and the best practice that you could easily and quickly sweeten your afternoons.

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