Friable and sweet pastries are called biscuits. These confectioneries differ due to their properties from buns: usually, baking powder or soda is used for a rise.

“Lašų duona” bakes simple biscuits. These are natural, vanilla flavouring confectioneries. Such light biscuits are a great dessert when you want something with your coffee or tea. And if you want to remember a nostalgic taste of childhood, dip biscuits into milk, wait until they absorb milk and only then put a biscuit into your mouth. You wouldn’t even notice how you eat one and after then your hand is reaching for the second, third one... “Ruginiai” would be biscuits for healthy people. They are made of rye flour and kefir. All biscuits are delicious and made following the traditions. A simple taste will allow you to enjoy a little bit of sweetness and friability every day. The price of biscuits is not high, therefore, you can enjoy them every day.