Buns are widely distributed not only in Lithuanian but in other countries’ cuisines as well. Probably French croissants are tasted by everyone and Ukrainian buns (so-called “pampushkas”) are usually served with soup in restaurants. Since long ago Lithuanians used to choose buns not only with soup but also for supper flavouring them with home-made jam and drinking milk.

In our bakery, even the most fastidious people can find a suitable taste for them because yeasty buns, loaves of bread, dessert buns and other products baked by “Lašų duona” are made of carefully selected natural ingredients and attractive price of buns will allow enjoying delicious buns for everyone. The highest quality wheat flour grinded in our mill is used to bake the pastries. The company itself grows wheat, therefore, it guarantees the highest quality.

The assortment of “Lašų duona” buns and sweet pastries is very wide:

  • layered buns – you can choose with jam or without it;
  • ring-shaped rolls which melt in the mouth;
  • buns with cinnamon or caramel for everyone’s taste;
  • croissants perfectly fit for breakfasts;
  • cupcakes with raisins – a perfect choice at work with colleagues and coffee;
  • kaimiški biscuits which will bring you to the grandmother’s house at countryside due to the taste and flavour;
  • buns with curd liked by everyone;
  • various delicious and fluffy pieces of braid breads;
  • branded Lašų buns;
  • buns with a sausage or bacon due to which you’ll not be hungry during the breaks at work.

Very delicious branded “Lašai” buns which are a round shape and on top - sugar is sprinkled. They are a real blessing with tea or coffee and children like them with milk. These buns can be flavoured with jam.

When the assortment is so wide, any customer will find a product he/she likes for holidays or just to sweeten the day and the calories will be forgotten due to a perfect taste, therefore, you’ll feel no guilt.