“Visai šeimai” bread is a fine white bread that will be liked by everyone. It is a fine, white bread which is distinguished by high porosity, special softness, and moisture. The activity of UAB “Lašų duona” and its baked bread is exceptional because the company itself grows rye, wheat, grinds them and then bakes bread and pie products. You’ll feel it by yourself from the first bite.

This white bread is a shape of a rectangular, therefore, it’ll be easy for you to make sandwiches or triangle sandwiches that are very liked by children. Enjoy this bread by preparing dishes for the whole family because it, as all the products of “Lašų duona”, is made using natural ferment and it is without preservatives. The price of white bread depends on the size of the net quantity; also it may vary a little bit due to seasonal variations.

Composition / Energetic value

Rye grist, caraway seeds give an exceptional taste for this fine bread. The bread is baked in large loaves in order to be moist and fresh for a longer time. The energetic value of white bread is quite high: it contains about 230-260 kcal per 100 g.