Dark bread is well-liked and appreciated by the Lithuanian nation since long ago. Its aroma and taste remind of the warmest memories, home cosiness, and childhood. Lithuanians living abroad always ask to bring dark bread. The taste of bread baked in Lithuania is unique. The highest quality ingredients, proven recipes and a traditional process of baking – these are the factors that help to obtain such a taste. Furthermore, scientists have proven that products of rye flour are healthier than products of wheat flour; they are easy to digestive, contain more fibre, therefore, dark bread is good for everyone’s organism.

Grist gives an amazing colour for bread. It is dark, flavourful; when it is mixed up with the ingredients of dark bread, it becomes dark.

Lithuanian bread is distinguished by deep traditions; there are many types of it: dark bread, rye bread, bread with ferment, yeast-free bread, whole grain bread, and others.

Dark bread contains from 200 to 250 kcal per 100 g. It is a very absorbable product providing a lot of energy. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, pay your attention to the quantity of sugar but if you want to reward yourself, a sweeter taste rye bread with a little butter will be a perfect choice.

The price of dark bread depends on the weight of a loaf, its ingredients and time for maturing. Quality dark bread usually contains such ingredients: rye and wheat flour, water, grist, salt. The ingredient of dark bread can be changed depending on a recipe and a taste, colour, and flavour that should be obtained.

Try at least several types of this bread until you’ll find your favourite one. We invite you to pay a special attention to these baked products of dark bread: branded bread “Lašų”, “Ajerų”, “Aldutės”, “Rygos”, “Bočių”, “Jums”, “Visai šeimai”, “Palangos”. These are very high-quality products prepared by following the oldest traditions of production and recipes. The taste of this bread is appreciated by customers all over the world. We preserved the traditional technology for bread making. When dough is mixed up, maturing of bread lasts until 24 hours and only naturally raised bread is put into the oven for baking.

Yeast-free bread

Recently, yeast-free bread has become very popular. It is natural ferment bread which has to be kept for a day in order to be put into the oven. This bread is chosen by healthy people and persons for whom products with yeast are not recommended. Calamus and whole grain bread with seeds are types of bread without yeast. Calamus bread with ferment and seeds is a perfect source of fibre and the good fat. Healthy bread is especially suitable for children because it’ll give energy. Try to make sandwiches or bread salad with natural ferment bread. You’ll be impressed by its amazing taste and flavour. Calamus bread is very flavourful; it was believed that calamus has healing powers.

Yeast-free bread is made in a semi-automated way: in every stage, an employee checks if the bread size is enough, if a proper form is preserved, therefore, you’ll be sure that the highest quality loaf is on your table. Such a process allows guaranteeing quality without using special chemical additives which usually have to be used in a fully automated technological process. Yeast-free bread is healthy and delicious!

Buying products of “Lašų duona” you’ll be happy every day because a delicious and fluffy loaf of bread is on your table. You can choose from 15 types of bread and their weight varies from 300 grams to 3 kilograms.